Tooth Whitening

Today there are many options for tooth whitening. The best option is fabrication of custom trays for home whitening. We find this is the most cost effect for our patients!

At Home Whitening (custom tray fabrication):

For at home whitening we will fabricate you a custom whitening tray. Custom trays have many advantages over older “boil and bite” or mouth-guard type trays. Some of the primary advantages are vastly reduced bulk, decreased mucosal irritation and much less waste of expensive bleaching gels. All these trays are made in office by our certified dental technician.

This diagram displays the differences of our custom fabricated trays (in RED) verses older “Boil and Bite” trays (in Blue).  As you can see, the bleaching gel (in GREEN) covers the soft tissue and requires the use of much more in the older style tray.  Where as the custom fabricated tray covers only the teeth, which is much less bulky and requires a fraction of the bleaching gel.

Step 1: The office visits for fabrication of a custom bleaching tray are quick and easy. We simply take an impression of the teeth to be whitened and then we make your tray in our lab.

Step 2: When you return for delivery of your trays we will ensure fit and comfort. You will also be given a pack with the bleaching gels and information on how to properly use these products at home.