“Before undertaking a complete upper and lower implant procedure, I was referred to Dr. Rogers, due to the complexity and duration of treatment. Following an evaluation, Dr. Rogers produced a comprehensive plan, detailing each step and the time lines to expect. My questions were thoroughly addressed in a manner a lay person could easily understand. At nearly the midpoint in my treatments my expectations for function and appearance have been exceeded. Dr. Rogers is not only highly skilled; he maintains a passion for detail and excellence that shows in all his work. Combined with a personality that sets a patient at ease, I am convinced that my confidence in Dr. Rogers is well placed.” — T.O.

“Who knew going to the dentist could be so much fun? Okay, so I’m exaggerating—but not by much. As soon as I stepped in the door for my first appointment, I was greeted by friendly, warm, professional staff who tried to put me at ease—and even succeeded. Dr. Rogers himself is that rare combination—-an extremely competent, knowledgeable, skilled professional AND also very personable, down-to-earth, and caring. And, thank goodness, Dr. Rogers is a perfectionist—which is exactly what you want in someone who is sculpting your smile!! He can also be quite the comedian, which can be a great asset in a dentist! Dr. Rogers has the highest standards of care and treatment, and I always felt like I was receiving excellent, state-of-the-art care from a very gifted, talented, and CARING professional.” — Wanda Needell

“I went to Dr. Rogers for a lot of dental work. I was born with a genetic condition where I had very little enamel on my teeth and they were brittle and very spaced. Not only was this a cosmetic issue, I also had to have several root canals as a result. I spent many hours in Dr. Rogers’ chair, going through crown prep, molds, temporaries, and finally the finished product — a full set of porcelain crowns and a bridge. I became very close to the staff, and even called them when I was engaged. Dr. Rogers called me periodically to check if everything was going well. Their office has a wonderful group of caring people who see your care through from start to finish, and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful smile!” — E.S.

“I had always been afraid of dentists,. but not anymore. Ever since my first visit to Dr. Rogers’ office, I realized that a visit to the dentist can be actually fun and, believe it or not, pain-free. He is the kind of dentist you can place your trust in; when everything else seems confusing, he lets you know about the best options available. The effect of Dr. Rogers’ easy-to-talk-with style was lessening my anxiety during the treatment. His clear mastery went a long way toward restoring my confidence and self-esteem. In addition, the staff at Dr. Rogers’ office has always made me feel at home – all the ladies there are just wonderful!” — Olga Sharpe

“My experience with Dr. Rogers was an unforgettable one. The minute you walk in to meet him, he talks to you as though you have been friends for years. He made a very uncomfortable situation extremely comfortable. Anyone considering having cosmetic work done should have it done with Dr. Rogers. His work is impeccable, he will not settle on something looking good, he will keep working until it looks perfect!” — K.C.

“I was so fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Rogers for my continued dental care. I was born with a tooth enamel “birth defect” and received my first set of full crowns in 1974 while a freshman at UNC. Thirty years later, it was time for replacements, as well as having other problems addressed. I have felt as though I have spent the better part my life in a dental chair so I feel confident about my opinions of this office as I have seen and experienced a lot.

Professionalism here is Number One. From the office staff, dental assistants, who act as an extra right hand for the dentist , the quality of the lab and lab technician that actually makes the crowns, bridges etc. and the support staff of Dentists in the auxiliary offices make this an outstanding office to have crown and bridge work done that is truly a “work of art”.

My work included new crowns, implants, gum reduction, the formation of a bridge of crowns and a beautiful new smile. My husband has always said my smile is one of his favorite things about me, but, he was so pleased with the improvement.

Techniques and materials have improved over the years and I was so impressed with Dr. Roger’s knowledge , enthusiasm, and kindness. He did everything he could to make this as easy as possible -both in his manner and efficiency.

Since having my new dental work, many people have commented that there was just something different about me but could not say what or “You have the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen” and my personal favorite-“You have such lovely teeth you’ve probably never been to a dentist”…. I just smile and say “Thank You”!

And a big thank you to Dr. Winslow Rogers for making this all possible for me!” — S.B.

“My experience with Dr. Rogers has changed my life. Before seeing Dr. Rogers, I never smiled and avoided people at all costs. At 38, I feel I have so much to live for! I look in the mirror and I can’ believe what I see. Dr. Rogers’ work is life changing. I can eat without any problems. I can not thank him and his staff enough for giving me a reason to live. Without his work, I am not sure where I would be today. I am no longer afraid to smile. They all made me feel so comfortable and never embarrassed. The hardest part to believe is that it was all pain free! I was given pain meds after my surgical procedures, and I still have them today, years later. His work is outstanding. Thank you for everything!” — T.A.B.

“I was born with a birth defect of the teeth which gave me extremely small baby teeth and adult teeth that looked like baby teeth. Throughout elementary and middle school, I was constantly in and out of the dentist’s office having several procedures done. Needless to say I hated to go to the dentist. But, when it was time for me to receive my first full set of crowns, my family found Dr. Rogers and his office full of angels.

I have never received dental care like I have in Dr. Roger’s office. I cannot put into words the level of extraordinary care I received from the office. Everyone from the receptionists, to the lab technicians, to even other dentists Dr. Rogers partnered with to help me have a smile were caring, supportive, dependable, professional, hardworking, loving, and so many other wonderful things. I cannot give enough praise to Dr. Rogers and his entire office staff.

It wasn’t easy being a teenager/young adult with teeth that looked like they belonged to a baby. Dr. Rogers and his staff helped me through this difficult transformation into having teeth that actually fit my mouth and age! I am forever in debt to their office for their extreme love, kindness, and professionalism. Now, after years of not smiling in pictures, dental surgeries, and so many other things, I have a smile I love and am proud of, and I owe it all to Dr. Rogers and his staff!” — M.B.